Mephisto Beauty Corner Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

brideHere are some wedding makeup tips that can make you look flawless on your special day. Because every woman wants to look gorgeous and stunning in her wedding.

Take a trial

It is highly advisable to have a makeup trial at least 3 or 5 weeks prior to the wedding and try to do it in the morning. So that you will know how far the products last in the day. It may look perfect when it is first applied, but see how it works after few hours. It is good to take a photo in natural light with a digital camera as soon as you get ready. This will help you look good on the camera and face-to-face. You may like to see your wedding albums, even after years since it gives immense pleasure to you.

Coat with a waterproof mascara

It is better to apply a waterproof mascara than the regular one. It lasts for a longer time and withstands teardrops. If you don’t like the look, coat a regular mascara and then apply a coat of waterproof mascara.

Use primer

Most of the well reputed brands contain primers in their makeup range. A primer will soften and smoothen your skin surface and tone down the uneven patches and redness. Most importantly, applying primer under foundation will help your makeup last all day. People who have oily skin can also get oil-free primers in the stores. It is recommendable to use eyeshadow primers as well.

Highlight your eyes

It is important to focus on the most important elements of your look- natural looking skin, well-groomed eyebrows and feathery eyelashes. Define your eyebrows with a pencil or shadow that matches your hair color. You can also use artificial eyelashes to enhance the look of your eyes. It is a good idea to go for differing length that can give a natural look, use them in between the natural lashes rather than fixing them separately on top.

weddingAdd blush

Don’t forget your blush. A pop of color on your cheeks adds a special touch to your face in your big day. Pink tone will work best for fairer skin. People who have deeper skin tones can choose with a rosier hue.

Apply moisturizer

It is wise to use a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher if you are planning for outdoor marriage. This is important because you may be getting more sun than you think.

Choose the right color of lipstick

Choosing a lip color that is bit brighter is very important for you to look good. Pale nude or brown hues can make you appear dull in photos, especially if you are wearing a white gown. Even if you mix lip colors while applying, make sure you carry a good color in your wedding makeup kit.