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Wrist Tattoo For Trendy GirlsWrist Tattoo For Trendy Girls


There are many benefits and reasons most people have tattoos on their bodies. Some of these benefits include; preserving some memories, religious beliefs, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Notably, the main reason most go for tattoos is for decoration purposes. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to work with Chicago Tattoo Shop that uses the right equipment. Moreover, they should demonstrate perfect skills and experience.

Tattoo as a form of art have gained significant popularity in recent years. There arerolex tattoo on hand many tattoo designs to choose from. In young and trendy women, the wrist is a favorite body part that women prefer to get tattooed. In this regard, here are some popular wrist tattoo designs for women.

Popular wrist tattoo designs

Tribal tattoos

Having a tribal tattoo done of your wrist is good in all ways. With an experienced artist, you can have any design placed on your wrist. Initially, these tribal tattoos were mainly done by men. However, this has since changed, and they are slowly becoming favorites for most women.

Floral tattoos

Floral tattoos are a popular pick for most women. A neat combination of floral tattoos looks magnificent on any wrist. Ideally, a simple flower nicely colored can make an excellent inner wrist tattoo. Moreover, a combination of floral designs with some ribbons and bows is a great pick for women.

Lettering tattoos

You might have seen or had a tattoo done on your hand at some point. For a fact, lettering tattoo looks great irrespective of how they are done. Besides the artistic side, lettered tattos are a good way to express, remember or draw some inspiration. When having lettered tattoos, you can have them as bracelet tattoos or have them on your inner wrist.

Placement options for wrist tattoos

wrist tattoosWhen having a tattoo, you can either have it done on your inner wrist, outer wrist or as a bracelet. Tattoos placed on the inner wrist are perfect for anyone who does not want to show it off. On the other hand, outer or top side tattoos are good for anyone that wants other people to see it. A bracelet tattoo, wrapping the whole wrist is quite popular among trendy girls.

When going for a tattoo, you should ensure you have a design in mind to avoid the possibilities of going for a tattoo removal process. In this regard, working with an experienced professional is highly recommended. With an experienced tattooist, you get the best designs, no errors and aftercare tips on how to make it heal faster.…

The Laser Tattoo RemovalThe Laser Tattoo Removal


Tattoos are some of the most popular encryptions that people put on their bodies. People put different tattoos of different design on their bodies for various reasons. The website is insightful as far as the removal of tattoos is concerned.

However, with time, people are usually fed up with some of the designs and may decide to have them removed. There are lots of VIP tattoo clinics whereby such people can have their tattoos removed.


VIP tattoo clinics

The VIP tattoo clinics make use of the modern laser tattoo tools and apparatus to remove the tattoos. Different tattooman with camera instruments and apparatus are used depending on the size, density, and color of the tattoo. It is critical to note that different individuals based on their skin types react differently to the different laser tattoo removal tools and apparatus.

Before a tattoo is removed, consultation with the medical laser specialist is recommended. It is important for him to determine the type of the tattoo that was used and the skin type of his patient. This will help him come up with the best laser removal technique for the patient.

The consultation also helps in putting the clients to perspective according to his desires. The following are some of the common questions that the tattoo removal specialists are frequently asked.

Can all the tattoos be removed successfully?

Yes, all almost all types of the tattoos can be successfully removed by using the laser treatment. However, the results cannot be guaranteed depending on the kind of the tattoo and skin type. The tattoos come in different sizes, densities, and colors and therefore respond differently to the laser treatment and other forms of treatment.

The black tattoos are usually easily removed by the laser treatment. Some colors are difficult to remove like red, yellow, and white and the tattoos containing acrylic or fluorescent dyes.

How many sessions are required for a tattoo to be removed completely?

To successfully remove the tattoos, an individual will be needed to go through between seven and ten sessions. To ensure that the tattoos are removed successfully an interval of between one month and one and a half month is recommended between the treatment sessions.

Is the laser tattoo removal painful?

woman with short hair and tattoo The laser tattoo removal is not painful although the person will have to contend with the stinging sensation during the process. The stinging sensation can be eliminated or diminished by making use of the local anesthetic gel to the sensitive areas.

This also helps in making the client more relaxed. Pain killers are rarely given to the clients after the laser tattoo removal.…