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Tips on How To Apply Makeup For BeginnersTips on How To Apply Makeup For Beginners


woman applying mascaraThere are no rules to apply makeup. All you have to do is use your creative skills gently to apply it. Everybody can apply makeup, but it is helpful to know some basic tips at least for the beginners, because if you do not apply the makeup properly, it might give you a rough look.

Here are some guidelines that can help the beginners to start up with makeup.


First of all, is foundation important? and the answer is ‘yes’. The foundation is the base of all your makeup. It can hide your dark circles, pimples, acne smoothly and give an equal look to your skin. But if your skin is clear and clean, you can replace the foundation with a moisturizer. While applying foundation choose the quality product. If the skin is uneven but you don’t have any scars or acne then the light foundation is enough. If you want to be on-camera or you need makeup for photo-shoot then put some foundation on your neck. Match your neck skin color to face the color.


All women has few dark dots on their skin. Concealer will be the good choice to hide them. So begin your make up with putting a little bit concealer on. It is also applied on the eyes to cover the dark circles.

Eye Makeup

Eyes must look good. Try an eyeliner that matches to your eye color or black eye liner, that goes on every thing. Eyeshadow offers depth to the eyes. You should not forget to fill the eyebrows and give it a nice shape. Beginners must be careful when to apply an eye make up as if it goes wrong, it might ruin your whole make up. It is tricky but with practice you can do it easily.


Blush offers your cheek apples a beauty and gives a cute look to your smile. Blend the blush with brush smoothly that should crate a shadow effect on your cheeks.

woman applying makeupLipstick

Shiny lips make your smile more beautiful. Add splash of a beauty by selecting the proper lip color. Choose the lip liner that is light colored than your lipstick or darker than your lip color shade. Apply the tip of the gloss at the center of the lip and spread it in the middle area. Lip gloss is the beauty of the smile.

One more thing about makeup is, when you wear it less but perfecty, you look good. Over doing makeup might make you look gaudy. For example, dark eyes impaired with dark lips is too much.

These are some tips that beginners should follow to start with makeup. Concentrate on your makeup tools and the model face, you will make the face look outstanding. If it takes long for you to finish makeup, it is normal. Practice more and you will step forward to become a professional.…