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Ibiza the Best Choice for A Holiday


woman on Ibiza beach

Ibiza’s somewhat hedonistic credibility is mainly due to its world-class clubs and wonderful party scene where people come to enjoy and show off their latest wardrobe. However, there’s another side to Ibiza that we don’t become aware of so commonly.

With a fascinating history and stunning countryside to explore, it also makes a Ibiza girl wonderful location for family holidays. You can get wonderful summer villas for you and your family to stay at in comfort.

But what can you do on a family holiday in Ibiza? Here are a couple of concepts to keep you excited.

1. Strolling and Cycling

The countryside of Ibiza is spectacular, and there is no better way of seeing it than going to check out on foot or by bike. You can experience wild and rugged mountains, beautiful historical towns, fantastic views, rural farmhouses, and naturally amazing remote beaches, all simply by heading out for a walk.

There are great deals of bicycle tracks also, making this an affordable and gratifying method to hang around as a family in Ibiza. Biking is perhaps even much better than walking because you can go even more in a shorter amount of time, and you could see a bigger area of the island in just a day or more of cycling.

2. Tourist Train

Ibiza women with dresses If you wish to see the ‘genuine’ Ibiza, another great method to do this apart from walking or cycling is to take a trip on the tourist train. The north of the island is a particularly attractive area. The Ibiza Express will certainly provide you with a remarkable and pleasurable way to appreciate the countryside as it rolls past your window while you sit on board the train.

There is a variety of various routes you can choose from, the majority of which are in between two and three-hours long. Journeys to San Carlos and Santa Eulalia run frequently. Each tour is aimed at presenting you with a different element of the island, such as the remote beaches, the stunning countryside, or the archaeological sites of interest.

You can come to Ibiza to also enjoy the beach and clubs. You can bring your best party clothes of even buy some great designer clothes in the town from one of the many branded shops that are available.

This Spanish island has something offer everyone and you will have an unforgettable experience.