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Choosing The Best High Heels For You


woman legs wearing heels

If you are interested in wearing high heels to improve your fashionable looks then you must know which high heels are best suitable to you. Some tips are provided here under to help you in choosing the best high heels for you so that you can wear them comfortably.

black High HeelsNarrowness of the heels: If you have a slender, slim and lean body then narrow heels with stilettos can be the best choice for you. Platform or thicker heels can be the best option for the people with heavier built to balance them proportionately.

Color of the heels: Though black high heels give you a classic look but to improve your fashionable looks you can choose from a wide variety of colors available in the market for you. But while buying them you should ensure that it may match with your outfit.

Proper fitting: To ensure which high heels are best for you their proper fitting should be kept in mind. High heels with improper fitting can be stressful for you at any occasion. You should spend some time in shopping for the high heels with the best fitting as they will be comfortable to you if you wear them for few minutes or few hours.

hich hels showsPractice them before buying: Before buying high heels you should use them for few minutes at the store to make you feet used to it. Your heels should be in vertical position while walking.

Reduce their use: You should try to reduce the use of high heels especially if you have to walk a lot in routine. If you wear high heels for long time then they can be harmful for your knees and back along with your feet. You should massage the arches and ankles of your feet after removing your high heels to loosen the muscles under stress due to them.

many High HeelsComfortable style: While choosing the style of your high heel you should focus on their comfortable style. Slight platform under toe can make your high heels more comfortable. High heels with platform under toes can be comfortable as they can minimize the pressure and angle of the ball of your foot. A platform under your toes can give your feet a flat sole to maintain their stability while walking with them.

Thus, on the basis of the tips given in this write-up you can easily know which high heels are best for your feet.